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                  Deploy your server in minutes with our curated Ansible Playbook optimized for our UltraStack deployment for WordPress. Use our free tutorials to learn more about Ansible and how to run this playbook in three simple steps. All at no cost.

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                  Use our free tutorials to learn more about Ansible and how to run this playbook in three simple steps.


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                  Watch our industry leading InMotion-WordPress-UltraStack Playbook configure a bare server into one of the single fastest WordPress servers online today. In only 3 minutes.

                  Three Simple Steps to Deploy

                  Step 1: Login to your Ansible Control Node

                  Create or add an SSH Key. SSH access allows you to have command-line access to your container. This allows you to have a secure, remote connection to your container and enables you to configure it.

                  Step 2: Manage your Ansible Inventory

                  Once you have your SSH key, modify the variables in your inventory file, then choose your domain, and lastly enter your WordPress username and password.

                  Step 3: Run the UltraStack Playbook

                  With those previous steps in place, you may simply run the ansible-playbook and take back your time.

                  Automate Your Workflow with Ansible

                  Whether you’re new to automation or a veteran system administrator, this program will help you improve your skills. Utilize our curated Ansible Playbook for our UltraStack, in your free Ansible Control Node to deploy applications like WordPress using our industry-standard best practices.

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                  Configuration Management

                  Centralize configurations to enable faster, more consistent usage.

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                  Application Deployment

                  Deploy applications with ease, using our curated Ansible UltraStack Playbook.

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                  Playbooks can be used to define security protocol and create an automated process.

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                  Deploy a WordPress Site in Minutes

                  Learn how to use Ansible to automatically deploy a WordPress site with all required dependencies in just a few minutes with this full walkthrough.

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