Citing Sources in Blog Posts

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                  Citing sources gives your work an extra layer of authority. It doesn’t do all of the work for you, but with the power of a simple citation you can import virtually unlimited bodies of knowledge into your own work without having to cover all that ground yourself. You can point to the experts, reference the gurus, and at the very least provide extra context to the information you are presenting.

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                  How To Create a Movie Review Site

                  How To Create a Movie Review Site

                  When was the last time you saw a movie and instantly desired to share your opinion of it? If you know the difference between a smash cut and a jump cut, and you can spot the difference between a wide angle lens in The Shining and telephoto lens in The Graduate, then you’re a film critic and you need a website to start posting your articles on the web. If you work hard at it, pretty soon you may find yourself contributing to the Rotten Tomatoes score. Read on to find out how to create your site, get your writing published, and work your way toward becoming a bonafide tomato-throwing film critic. Continue reading –>