Building and Boosting Your WooCommerce Store

                  Building and boosting a WooCommerce store this season

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                  Building an online store is a great way to add revenue to your business – in fact, e-commerce sales brought in over $349 billion dollars in 2016 alone. As a business owner, that’s an income stream you can’t afford to miss out on.

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                  How to Set Up an eCommerce Website Using WordPress

                  eCommerce on WordPress

                  WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, powers nearly 20% of the Internet’s websites. Once a simple blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a powerful site building tool capable of meeting almost anyone’s needs. Among the most complicated sites to build on any platform, eCommerce sites rest firmly within the wheelhouse of today’s WordPress developer. So, how can you set up an eCommerce website using WordPress? Continue reading –>

                  How To Install Prestashop Using Softaculous In cPanel

                  In a previous article, I introduced you to what Softaculous was all about: A utility software in your control panel which automates the installation of website applications. Today I’m going to demonstrate how to install Prestashop, an eCommerce Content Management System. Below is a screenshot of the user view of the Prestashop shopping channel installed without any modification. You can see there is plenty of opportunity to optimize the template to your liking, and I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of documentation available through the back-end to help you. Continue reading –>