Team Member Profile: Shea Rodrigue

                  sheaHometown: Houma, Louisiana
                  Position: Marketing Specialist
                  Been with InMotion Hosting?since: 2012

                  How did you get started in the web hosting field?
                  It was a potent combination of curiosity and necessity. Many years ago a friend, and business owner with old-school values and processes, brought up the need to bring their business into the digital age and begin creating an internet presence by selling her clothing from a website. I had taken a class on basic HTML and one on eCommerce prior to that, which doesn’t really mean anything, but my ego was large enough to convince both of us that I could make that happen. And I did. I began lots of research on web design, eCommerce, website builders, and ultimately web hosting. I launched my first eCommerce site and haven’t looked back since.
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                  Team Member Profile: Marco Ponce

                  marcoponceHometown: Los Angeles, CA
                  Position:?Marketing Technologist?
                  Been with InMotion Hosting?since:?September 2014

                  How did you get started in the web hosting field?
                  Before working at InMotion Hosting I was a freelancer who procured hosting for web design and marketing clients, as well as for previous?employers and for myself. Most products ranged from shared hosting, to dedicated hosting.
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                  Team Member Profile: Tony Klepper

                  team_member_profile3Hometown:?Oklahoma City, OK
                  Position:?Manager: Training & Quality Assurance
                  Been with InMotion Hosting?since:?May 2010

                  How did you get started in the web hosting field?
                  Surprisingly,? I didn’t go to school to learn about computers or technology. I actually went to school to be a pastor. I had created a few websites and played around with Linux at home, but nothing ?on a professional level. InMotion allowed me my first opportunity in the web hosting field. I started out in Tier 1 Technical Support, and quickly moved to Tier 2-C. There I became the Team Lead, and soon moved to the Training Department. Since being hired at?InMotion from 2010, I have learned something new every single day; and I love it!?
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                  Team Member Profile: Jake Jacobs

                  jake jacobsHometown:?Toledo, OH
                  Position:?Support Supervisor
                  Been with InMotion Hosting?since:?October 2013

                  How did you get started in the web hosting field?
                  I had experience in intranets from my accounting and tax practice. After selling the business, I acquired a job with my family as?a webmaster. In that position I started using Joomla! in the Mambo days. I also developed and co-authored some components for that Joomla. Eventually it spawned into a business that provided Joomla support and services. Doing the development work gave me exposure to web hosting which I found to be very exciting.
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