How to transfer domains in AMP

                  Domain transfers can be processed in the Account Management Panel(AMP) for your account. You may transfer the domain yourself by going through our Domain Transfer Walkthrough for beginning users. There is also an Advanced User Option for more experienced users.

                  If you seek to move a domain by changing your name servers, or you don’t know the difference, please see Domain Names – Registrar Transfer versus Name Server Change for an explanation.

                  Be aware that domain transfer policies have changed. If you update your contact information at your current registrar, there may be a 60-day transfer lock on the domain. You can check the status of your domain by searching whois or checking with the current registrar.

                  Domain Transfer Requirements

                  Before you can transfer a domain you must meet the following requirements:

                  • InMotion Hosting can only support .com, .org, .biz, .net,.us or .info domains. If your domain type is not included in this list, you can still host the domain with InMotion Hosting, but you will need to change your nameservers.
                  • The domains must be past their 60 day waiting period after you have purchased them.
                  • If your domains are set to expire within 14 days, you will need to first renew the domain with its current registrar. This is required in order to prevent the loss of your domain name in the event that the transfer request fails.

                  How to use the Domain Transfer Option in the Account Management Panel (AMP)

                  1. Login to the Account Management Panel (AMP)
                  2. Under the section labeled “Manage My Account” click on the icon that is labeled Transfer Domain
                  3. Click on Transfer Domain icon

                  4. You will see a list of requirements that fail the transfer if they are not met. Make sure to review these requirements before proceeding. Click on the icon that is labeled Begin Transferring Domain.
                  5. Click on Begin Transferring your domain button

                  6. Next you will see the options to transfer the domain by clicking on Begin Walkthrough or Advanced User Option. Click on the button for Begin Walkthrough to proceed.
                  7. Click on Begin Walkthrough

                  8. The walkthrough begins by asking you to type in the domain name. This option will double-check your domain to see if it is available for transfer. It will check to see if your domain is locked or not. If it is locked, you will need to speak with your domain registrar to have it unlocked. Click on Check Availability.
                  9. Check availability

                  10. This step asks that you review your domain to make sure the domain privacy is turned off. It must be off for the transfer to occur. You can re-apply domain privacy after the transfer is complete.
                  11. Check for privacy

                  12. If you wish to be able to use the domain with InMotion Hosting immediately upon the completion of transfer, then you need to change the name servers to point to InMotion Hosting. If you are trying to maintain service with your old host for your website and email, then you may want to wait and keep the old name servers in place while the domain transfer completes.
                  13. Check your nameservers

                  14. The next steps require that you obtain your Authorization code (also known as the Extensible Provisioning Protocol or EPP key) from your current domain registrar if you don’t already have it. The process for obtaining the code may differ per domain registrar, but you should be able to either go to their documentation or speak with their support in order to find out how to get your authorization code in order to move the domain. Once you have code, type it in and move to the next step. NOTE: Due to privacy law changes, the WHOIS information is no longer used for the transfer of the domain. At this point you will only need the EPP key.
                  15. Type in your authorization code

                  16. Next, you will be presented with the payment part of the process. Complete the payment and then proceed to the final step in the transfer walkthrough.
                  17. Complete the order form and pay for the transfer

                  18. As per step 8, you will receive an email from our domain registrar- OpenSRS. The should take no longer than 3 days to be sent. Make sure to check your Spam/Junk mail box in case their email gets flagged as spam. Once you have completed the confirming the transfer, then the domain transfer is complete. Note that it can take up to 10 business days for a domain transfer to complete.
                  19. Wait for OpenSRS Email to complete transfer

                  The Advanced User Option for transferring domains

                  The main difference between the Domain Transfer Walkthrough and the Advanced User Option is that the Advanced User Option skips the first three steps. These steps involve removing domain privacy, unlocking the domain, and obtaining the authorization code. These steps are assumed to be completed before you begin the process. Here are a summary of the remain steps:

                  1. Confirm access to the Administrator Email
                  2. Complete the order transfer form (billing information, payment method, and Terms of Service)
                  3. Await the confirmation email, then click on the link provided in the confirmation email that arrives from OpenSRS. The link requests a password, but it refers to your authorization code.

                  Congratulations! This completes the domain transfer process. Note that although you have completed the transfer process, it may require up to 10 business days before the transfer is finalized between the domain registrars.

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                  Thoughts on “How to transfer domains in AMP

                  • Hallo,

                    ich habe eine Domain mit .de Endung, ich kann den Umzug nicht abschließen da bei der Prüfung die Endung nicht auswählbar ist. Den Umzugsschlüssel habe ich, was soll ich jetzt machen?




                    Translated: I have a domain with .de extension, I can not complete the move because the extension is not selectable in the test. I have the removal key, what should I do now?

                    • If your domain is registered through InMotion, then you will need to follow the directions in this article: How to Transfer a Domain away from OpenSRS. If you are using a domain registered elsewhere, then you will need to contact the domain registrar on the steps you must take to move it away. If you intend to keep it with your current domain registrar, then you simply need to update the nameservers. The article talks about using InMotion’s nameservers, but you can just as easily change them to your new location.

                  • Hello,

                    My domain at Wix is paid to Sept 2019.  I want to transfer to InMotion.  Why does InMotion think my domainat Wix is expired? Domain is



                    • According to the WhoIS information I was able to find, the domain does not appear to be expired. However, it does have a clientTransferProhibited Domain Status. I recommend reaching out to your previous host to ensure the domain meets the requirements for transferring the domain.

                  • Do we actually need the administrative email to transfer a domain?

                    WHOIS information is now Data-Protected:

                    The transfer process needs to be compliant with ICANN’s RDAP and GDPR, which means that the registrar no longer needs to send a Form of Authorization to the admin contact email. All they need is the EPP Key: 


                    • I have updated the documentation, but the interface in AMP will need to be updated by our developers. For now, you can speak with our Customer Service team if you have any issues with transferring the domains. Thanks again for reminding us of the needed changes!

                  • When is the time appropriate to oder a Dedicated SSL (Comodo) when one is transferring their domain from one host to InMotion?  Also, there is a new site being created that will be installed at a later time so would this pose any issues? 

                  • Hello,

                    I bought a domain name from, LLC Registrar around a week ago and am trying to transfer the name to Inmotion Hosting. Have changed the Nameservers of the domain to point to Inmotion Namservers:

                    Name Server: NS.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM 
                    Name Server: NS2.INMOTIONHOSTING.COM

                    All the 7 transferring steps went OK and got the “Submitted” Status. But after a while the Status is changing to “Error” and the detailed message for the “Error” is showing as follows. 

                    Domain Transfer Status

                    1 – Submitted
                    2 – Request Received
                    3 – Awaiting Your Authorization
                    4 – Awaiting Losing Registrar
                    5 – Transfer Completed

                    6 – Error, needs resubmission  

                    Have re-submitted twice thus far with the same result. Can you please let me know what the issue could be with this transfer process? Thanks much for your immediate support. 

                    • One of the requirements (specifically: The domains must be past their 60 day waiting period after you have purchased them.) is not met according to your comments. You will need to wait the initial 60 day period to pass for the ability to transfer the domain. I hope this helps!

                      Carlos D

                  • I pointed my domain wich a got with google some months ago on Wednesday and by this time it is not working yet How can I find out what I have to do 

                    • You would need to double check that the addresses or IPs you pointed the domain to are correct, If they are correct you may need to push out the DNS records in your name server.

                  • How can I confirm access to the administrative email? I’ve never used the email that is listed as my administrative email…

                    • Typically, that email address is one that you have access to. If you don’t , then you need to change it. If you are an InMotion Hosting customer then you can always add email addresses to the account if you are using the email options provided with your hosting account. If you continue to have problem, then you can always contact our live technical support team for additional assistance.

                  • I’ve trying to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to InMotionHosting.

                    I have already unlocked to domain, remove its privacy and obtained an authorization code, which I inserted during Step 4 of your Domain Transfer procedure. However, after I insert the code, it’s saying that the code is invalid. I don’t understadn why… any help available?

                    • If you’re having problems with the domain transfer, you will need to speak with the domain registrar currently managing the domain. Please contact GoDaddy and ask for the reason you’re having problems with transferring the domain.

                    • Hello,

                      Contact our live technical support team or the customer service team. You can find their contact information at the bottom of this page. They will need to move it from one account to another for you.

                      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

                      Kindest regards,
                      Arnel C.

                  • I’m working on transferring a domain to my new account with you.


                    It’s unlocked, eligible to transfer, and I have a EPP code. The problem is I can either type in the code or copy/paste it. Neither works and I get an invalid code message. I’ve looked for extra spaces, checked the characters, everything. Is there anything else I can check before I contact my previous host and see why their code is invalid?

                    • If it is saying the EPP code is invalid, you may need to see if you can get another one assigned.

                  • Could you tell me if I am no longer able to transfer my domain to another host due to the following statement I found on another page of your documentation.  I don’t remember doing this.  If I didn’t do this, does this mean that I am forced to continue to pay InMotion for the renewal of the domain every year, and so efffectively I am now having to deal with two host sites, for different things.  I am presuming that if I cannot move my domain to the other host, I can still direct transfer my website, ie. point my name servers at In Motion to location of new host site? but I would prefer not to have to deal with two host companies. 

                    Please be aware that if you do not complete the steps for transferring your domain away in OpenSRS then the domain will remain under the management of InMotion Hosting.


                    • You can always move your domain away, you just need to complete all the steps to do so. Until they are complete, the domain will still remain with us.

                  • Hi Ken, We transferred and had a little issue wuth the authorisation code also, the code we had included a comma at the end of it, and we wrongly assumed the comma wasn’t part of the code and got the same error as you, so we resubmitted the code with the comma and it sailed through ok. I hope this helps. Regards Ian

                  • Hi, Support Team.

                    I want to transfer a domain from bigrock to inmotionhosting. I own I also want to transfer my webhosting from Digital Hosting to Inmotion. I’ve read this checklist about transferring a website.

                    Still confused. I want to migrate both without any downtime. How can i do? Any quick tip for me?

                    Thank you.

                  • I am trying to transfer my domain to inmotion. On step four I am entering the authorization code I recieved, but I am getting “The authorization code you entered was invalid.” in response.

                    I requested my code twice to confirm it is correct, yet I am still getting rejected.

                    • Hello Ken,

                      Sorry for the problem with the authorization code. You will need to contact our live technical support team in order to get assistance with this issue. They may need to contact the registrar in order to correct the issue.

                      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

                      Kindest regards,
                      Arnel C.

                    • Unfortunately, since it will depend on the company, you would have to contact them. But, you may be able to request to speak to a manager, or shift lead.

                      Thank you,

                  • I’ve completed all steps for domain transfer but still await for theOpensrs email to arrive to complete the transaction. its been 4 days and no Opensrs. What to do?

                  • Hi, I am in the process of transferring a domain name to InMotion using Transfer Domain > Begin Transferring Your Domain > Begin Walkthrough. I am at Step 4 and I will send an email to my current Hosting company (ZENSYS) asking for

                    1) authorization code

                    2. access to domain administrator email.

                    Shall I cancel the Transfer Domain > Begin Transferring Your Domain > Begin Walkthrough and start again once I have 1) and 2) or is it saved until I get the information ?

                    What is InMotion IPSTag ?

                    Regards Ian

                    • Hello Ian,

                      You should be able to leave it where it is and then fill in the requested information once you have it. The transfer won’t proceed until you have the required information.

                      In regards to the IPSTag, we have never had one as that is typically a UK thing. It’s not part of our transfer requirements.

                      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

                      Arnel C.

                  • hello, how i can transfer a domain from a company to inmotion if i dont recive any answer from the other company? i ask for the EPP Code, but i dont have any answer from they.


                  • Currently our domain name is registered through inmotionhoting.  We are starting to consolidate our accounts and would like to transfer the domain name to GoDaddy with the rest of our accounts.  The domain is connected to our website which is hosted by  If I go through the process of tranferring the domain name to GoDaddy is there a risk of the website being down for any length of time?

                    Thanks, Sue

                    • Hello Sue

                      If you change a domain from one location to another you first have to deal with the email confirming the change, then when the domain is actually moved, there may be up to 24 hours of time while the internet servers are updated with the change in location. If you keep your old site up during that transition, then you shouldn’t see too much of an interruption. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know!

                      Arnel C.

                    • I recently signed up with InMotion Hosting. I have a Web Hosting Power Plan with one website under construction. I have also also transferred one domain name to InMotion Hosting. My questions is how do include the newly transferred domain to my web hosting package? Thanks!

                  • Hi, We transfer www.******.net (with Inmotion Hosting Domain Transfer ) including site hosting and domain, and ended the process but not what is the process to activate my site. 

                    Only the message:

                    Website Coming Soon! Stay Tuned

                    This page belongs to a member of theInMotion Hosting network.
                    If you are visiting this site, please check back soon.

                    If you own this site, your new web hosting account is now activated!
                    Please make sure to replace this page with your own index.htm page.

                  • HI.Im on my llast step for transder ..It says I should of got on email from Mllburn IT..I still havent received it ..las mail i got from was from jsut host and this is what they sent me on Oct 7

                    This is a courtesy notice that the domain is no longer registered through Just Host, but it is still being hosted here and the website will continue to operate normally on our servers.

                    The domain has been transferred to another registrar. If you wish to have it registered with us again, you will need to manually request to transfer it back.

                    Please contact us immediately if you believe a mistake has been made.

                    Account Management:
                    * Hosting Account Login:
                    * Domain Manager Login:
                    * Update Billing & Contact Information:
                    * Purchase a Domain:
                    * Search our Help Desk:

                    Thank you,
                    Just Host Support

                    • If you have transferred your domain here, I’d suggest reaching out to Support to see if they can tell you whats going on. This is a public forum and we try not to discuss account specific information.

                  • Hello…

                    Robert was very helpful tonight in helping me with my account.  I just need to transfer my domain name over from GoDaddy…and the email sent seems to perhaps need a little update??  Seems easy to follow…but it lost me…


                    Any help would be great!

                    • Hello Gwn,

                      Thanks for the question about transferring your domain. First, we need to determine if you’re transferring your domain to our domain registrar, or if you’re simply changing the name server. You can see an explanation of the difference in this tutorial. If you are changing domain registrars, then you can submit a request for this through technical support. Currently, the automatic systems in AMP are all still in the process of being updated to use OpenSRS instead of Melbourne IT.

                      The requirements for the transfer are basically the same from domain registrar to registrar:

                      • A domain cannot be transferred within 60 days of initial registration
                      • A domain cannot be transferred within 14 days of its expiration date
                      • Domain privacy must be removed before the transfer can be processed
                      • You must have access to the administrator address listed with the domain’s WHOIS information

                      The official ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) documentation for these requirements is located here.

                      If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

                      Arnel C.

                      • The rule that says “A domain cannot be transferred within 14 days of its expiration date” is only an InMotionHostng rule. I have often helped transfers, in and out, where the domain is already in it’s grace period. Recently, I had to advise an existing customer of IMH to find someone else for domain hosting because of this odd rule. This customer could not renew with the existing registrar as that company is no longer in the domain registration business.

                      • This exists primarily as a precaution to avoid the loss of domains. While transfer usually go through quickly, there are sometimes issues between registrars that result in a transfer taking longer than expected. If the issues in moving a domain from one registrar to the next take too long to resolve, the domain registration may expire before the transfer is complete. We know that 14 days is quite a long time before the expiration but that’s why we do it– we want to do everything we can to minimize the loss of domains during transfer.

                    • Hello Janet,

                      Thanks for the question about your website being affected by transferring your domain. This is going to first require a little bit of clarification. When you say, “When I transfer my domain from GoDaddy to InMotion” – are you saying that you are moving a domain name (a URL) ? Or are you moving your hosting service? Both GoDaddy and InMotion have roles as Domain Registrars, so they can manage a domain name. The domain registration is a separate service from website hosting and is typically a separate bill item. If you were to transfer the domain name to a different registrar, it is possible to keep the website hosting at a different host while the domain is managed elsewhere. This would require that you change your DNS to point to the location of your website host. This would start with “pointing” your name servers to the location of your website host. So, the answer to the question is “yes” it would affect your website.

                      I hope this helps to answer your question. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

                      Arnel C.

                  • I’m considering having InMotion host my website. If I also transfer my domain to InMotion, what are the renewal costs for you to be my domain’s registrar? I’m assuming there is a registry fee in addition to the hosting fee. Trying to decide what the best use of my money is at this point. Thanks! ??

                    • Hello HVitae,

                      A domain registration fee for one year is $14.99. That fee is charged upon transfer and it automatically adds a year to the existing expiration date of the domain name. From there, it will simply renew within two weeks of the expiration date at the current rate.

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Scott M

                  • Hi, I’m in the process of transferring my domain to InMotion. Now I’m at the walkthrough step 7 waiting for the confirmation email, but instead I receivedd a email from opensrs.
                    This is correct?
                    Do I need other pass and user name than i have with inmotion to admintrate my domain?
                    Thanks !!

                    • Hello Marcelo,

                      Yes, OpenSRS purchased the reseller program from MelbourneIT. An email from them is legitimate. We are in the process of updating the content on our website.

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Scott M

                  • I transferred a domain to inmotion yesterday and after I completed all the steps it said I have to wait for the Melbourne IT mail. But I noticed that there was an error status for the domain in the existing domain transfers. It needs resubmission. 

                    I can’t go through the transfer steps again because it says that the domain already exists in the account.

                    I need to make this transfer happen asap so whaty can I do?



                    • Hello Uncas Huges,

                      Sorry for the problem with the domain transfer. You need to contact our live technical support team (contact info at the bottom of the page) and let them know about the error status that you are seeing. They may need to contact the domain registrar to get the issue fixed.

                      If you have any further questions, please let us know.

                      Kindest regards,
                      Arnel C.

                    • I want to transfer a domain to inmotion but every time i do a check availability i get the message ‘We were unable to retrieve who is details for …’ which i don’t understand. i have unlocked the domain and even have a code from the current register, also i checked the whois data and it is all up to date and lists me.

                      i have transferred 2 other domains and they went without any problems.

                      any help would be appreciated please.

                    • Thank you for your help.
                      The domain is now showing available to transfer but the authorization code isn’t being accepted. I will keep trying.

                    • InMotion Support Team,
                      I am currently hosting my website with Aabaco Small Business (Formally, Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting).
                      1. Please I want to know if I buy web hosting now on InMotion and transfer domain and website later to InMotion Hosting, say after 30 days?

                      2. Do I have to wait for 60 days too when my domain is renewed?

                      Thank you Waiting to hear from you

                    • Hello malikcyparks,

                      Thank you for contacting us. 1. Yes, after you sign up for a hosting account with InMotion, you can transfer your domain and website at any time.

                      2. You should not have to wait 60 days after renewal to initiate the domain transfer.

                      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

                      Thank you,

                  • At the top of this article, it says that InMotion can only support .com, .org, .biz, .net, .us and .info domains. I have a .co domain registered at Namecheap. It also says that it can be used but must be past 60 days waiting period. Does that means I can’t write on my blog till then? Please help!


                  • Hi, I’m planning to bring my website to your hosting service. I already have a domain but it will expire on may 2016. If I transfer my hosting to you, am I elegible for the 1 year free domain? If not, can I renew my domain directly with you?



                    • Hello Luis,

                      Thanks for the question about being eligible for the 1 year free domain. If you are a new customer and you purchase a host subscription, then you have a credit for 1 free domain or transfer. If you’re going to transfer the domain to us, then keep the requirements in mind:

                      Before you can transfer a domain you must meet the following requirements:

                      -InMotion Hosting can only support .com, .org, .biz, .net,.us or .info domains. If your domain type is not included in this list, you can still host the domain with InMotion Hosting, but you will need to change your nameservers.

                      -The domains must be past their 60 day waiting period after you have purchased them.

                      -If your domains are set to expire within 14 days, you will need to first renew the domain with its current registrar. This is required in order to prevent the loss of your domain name in the event that the transfer request fails.

                      You can’t renew a domain that’s registered with another domain registrar until the transfer process is complete. The transfer process actually renews the domain registration for a period of time as well .

                      I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

                      Arnel C.

                    • You will receive an email notification once your domain has been successfully transferred to us.

                      Also, keep in mind you do not need to transfer the domain to host with us, you can simply point to our nameservers to InMotion and your site will resolve to our servers within 24 hours.

                      Also, I marked out your domain name for security purposes, since this is our public forums.

                      Thank you,

                  • Im currently in the process of having cpanel accounts transferred over, should I wait until that process is complete to transfer the domains?

                    • Yes, once the transfers are complete you can test the sites to make sure they’re working right before pointing the domains.

                  • Why it’s not working. I tried to point my domain to Inmotionhosting for several times. Maybe because of this. The domains must be past their 60 day waiting period after you have purchased them.

                    • Hello Ada,

                      Reseller servers do not use the name servers. They use and

                      Give those a try and it should work for you.

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Scott M

                    • Hello Ada,

                      You can change name servers at any time. The 60 day rule applies to moving the domain to another registrar.

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Scott M

                  • I am trying to point my domain to the Inmotion Hosting for several days, but it’s not working. I have a reseller Hosting and I put DNS and Why?

                  • I need to transfer a domainn name to another server please can you tell me how to do it? It is very confusing. There is no clear explanation on how to in your site unfortunately. thanks for answer

                    • Is your domain registered with us? Domains are not actually transferred between servers. Rather, domains are “pointed” to different servers. Do you mean you want to transfer a website? If that were the case then yes indeed the site would be transferred to a different server. The above instructions explain how to transfer a domain with our Account Management Panel if you have an account with us.

                      If you have a domain registered with us you can contact our Live Support for a release of the domain, and we provide follow-up instructions on how to unlock the domain and retrieve the “authorization code”.

                      If you’re transferring a domain to us then your registrar will have instructions on how to release it through their interface.

                  • Hello,

                    I am trying to transfer a domain but no one has access to the admin email address that is listed for the domain. How can I get around this?  This is on Step 12.. Please help I need to get this site up for the church as soon as I can. I already paid the 11.99. 

                    Thank you

                    Kevin Masciantonio

                  • Good afternoon,


                    I have a client that has stood up a new domain and website through inmotion. Currently, their old site hosted with me is outdated, and they would like their old domain to point to the new site. I’ve tried manually setting DNS to their new site’s IP and creating a redirect both at the DNS and IIS level, but neither seems to be working. If you could provide any advice I would appreciate it!

                    • Hello Jason,

                      If you have set the domain to point to our name servers properly, there may be some propagation time before your local DNS receives the new information.

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Scott M

                  • Hi John-Paul

                    I have tried to point my domain ( to the DNS of Inmotionhosting.

                    This is however not possible unless the domain is somehow registered in your systems. After that registration I will be able to update the DNS in my registrars website.

                    Do you know about this challenge?


                    Best Regards


                    • I am trying to change the DNS of my .dk domain ( have been told by the registrar that according to Danish law I need to somehow registrer my domain at Inmotionhosting before I can change the DNS at their webiste.

                      I don’t see the option of doing that anywhere in the AMP

                      Best Regards

                    • Hello Daniel,

                      Thank you for contacting us. Your domain does not have to be registered on our system for you to point your domain to InMotion Hosting.

                      If it is your Primary Domain it is already registered on our system. If not, you can add a domain to your cPanel at any time.

                      Keep in mind when updating nameservers, or adding domains it can take time to propagate globally.

                      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

                      Thank you,

                  • I see that when transferring a domain registration manually the 11.99 charge also renews the registration for an additional 12 months. Does this 12 month renewal also apply to customers who use the domain concierge service?

                    • Hello Leland,

                      Yes as it renews the same method except we manually do the transfer instead of leaving that up to you.

                      Best Regards,
                      TJ Edens

                  • I have transferred the domain, then the free 1 year domain charges is not included. Still it is showing renewal as 10 years.



                  • I need to transfer the domain name from Godaddy to inmotion. I have paid for 10 years and now only less than a year. If I transfer from Godaddy to inmotion, is it valid for the same peroid? (10 years)




                    • Hello Jaipal,

                      Thank you for contacting us. Yes, your domain will remain valid for the same period of 10 years.

                      Transferring to us will add an additional your to the total (11 years).

                      If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

                      Thank you,

                  • Is there a transfer fee or penalty if I transfer my domain from Inmotion to someone else?  What about if I purchased my domain from Inmotion, can I transfer the name out and is there a penalty/fee?  Thx.

                    • Hi, i’m having troubles transfering my domain , i am getting this “6 – Error, needs resubmission”, but i never get any email from MelbourneIT. Need Help

                    • Hi everyone!
                      I’m waiting for a transfer 5 days. I should wait a few more days?
                      Or, I can already start to worry?

                    • Hello iGor,

                      You would need to contact Live Support for information on your transfer status. This is because I cannot tell which account is yours, and we cannot divulge account specific information in the public area for security purposes.

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Scott M

                    • Hello iGor,

                      Customer Community hours are 8am – 9pm EST Monday – Friday. Any questions or comments outside those times are answered when we are once again open and in the order they were asked. Thank you for your patience!

                      Kindest Regards,
                      Scott M

                  • Hi, I’m in the process of transferring my domain to InMotion. I’m at the walkthrough step 3 “Confirm you nameservers are correct” can’t get past that. I already have authorization code and everything, not sure what I’m doing wrong. Please help!

                  • Hi,

                    I have a domain with some other provider and one hosting account with inmotion hosting. How can i point my domain to inmotion hosting ?




                  • Hi,


                    Can anyone help me with existing transfer status is “Awaiting Registrar” but why am i getting this? it is asking me a “Registry Key” meaning i’m transferring from Melbourne IT to Melbourne IT but i’m not. My previous registrar is, LLC ..

                    Support guy 1 : says that duplicate transfer request occured. It is safe to ignore

                    Support guy 2 : says i should contact my reseller

                    Support guy 3 : says if you purchased the domain through a Melbourne IT reseller then you will need to contact the reseller in order to get the registry key (which is not true because my previous registrar is and only became Melbourne IT when i started transferring to inmotionhosting)

                    Since you’ve last updated this transfer, the following error is preventing your domain from transferring:

                        Please go to our internal domain transfer process to continue transferring this domain.

                            CONTINUE TRANSFERRING MY DOMAIN


                            1. Wait for an Email from Melbourne IT
                              In the next 1 to 3 days, you will receive an email at (admin email unavailable, please confirm with your current registrar) from Melbourne IT requesting for you to confirm the transfer. It’s important to confirm the transfer within 2 days of receiving this email;otherwise, Melbourne will cancel the transfer. To ensure receipt of the confirmation e-mail, we encourage you to whitelist * in your e-mail’s spam filter settings.

                            2. Click the Link in the Email to Confirm the Transfer

                            3. Complete the Confirmation Page
                              On the confirmation page, where Melbourne requests for a “PASSWORD” – enter your authorization/auth/EPP code. After submission, within one week, the transfer will be complete.

                          • Hi,


                            I purchased a “.rocks” domain from another service provider that I want to transfer to inmotion. Do I just have to change the nameservers or are there additional steps to take? Cos only after the purchase did I see this line, “InMotion Hosting can only support .com, .org, .biz, .net,.us or .info domains. 

                            • Hello Jason,

                              You would only be able to just change the nameservers as our registrar does not support .rocks domains. So you can “transfer” the domain to us but you can direct the traffic to your account with us.

                              Best Regards,
                              TJ Edens

                          • Just wanted to say “Many Thanks!” for your clear step by step instructions! I have transferred my domain name regisration to InMotionHosting. Had a bit of trouble at the GoDaddy end, but got through it. Just have to wait for the next few days now for it to be finalised. Your Support Pages are really terrific!

                          • I was trying to obtain the unlock code of my domain which is currently under inmotionhosting and i had found the tutorial ( but when i try to obtain it from

                   it gives me the following error:

                            Retrieval Failed

                            The Registry Key for Domain Name was not able to be retrieved. This could be due to the Domain Name being managed by a Melbourne IT Reseller. Please contact your Reseller for assistance. If this fails, please ..
                            Do i have to unlock it from inmotionhosting or from where? i cannot find any other link to doing so,
                          • Hello i need some help transfering a domain name currently on inmotion hosting to another site and i cannot find any info on how to do that, if you could please assist me in doing so, thanks.

                            • Hello Daniel,

                              If you’re trying to transfer a domain to a different domain registrar, then you need to check that registrar’s documentation for the process. You can also find information on how to unlock a domain and get the authorization code through our tutorial. If you’re still confused on the process, please explain exactly what you’re trying to do.

                              Kindest regards,
                              Arnel C.

                          • Hi

                            Maby a new coustermer.!

                            Can i host a danish domain    “” ?


                            Regards Jan

                            • Hello Jan,

                              Thank you for contacting us. We cannot register the .dk domains for you, but we can definitely host the website.

                              Simply register the .dk domain from a Registrar that sells them, then have them point to InMotion Hosting. This will tell the world that they are hosted on our servers.

                              If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

                              Thank you,
                              John-Paul B

                          • When I go to the amp transfer domain page, there isn’t a “domain transfer walkthrough” to select.   I’m told my transfer will fail if I don’t do things that I would think the walkthrough would explain how to do, if there is a walkthrough.  I’m going to click on things to start and hope the option is a few clicks away…

                            1. You will see the option to use either the Domain Transfer Walkthrough, or the Advanced User option on the right. Select the Domain Transfer Walkthrough  
                            • Hello Tom,

                              Thank you for contacting us. The “Domain Transfer” tool in AMP is for transferring a domain registered with another company to us.

                              If you need help migrating a domain between accounts, submit a Ticket to Live Support requesting help.

                              Thank you,

                            • Hello Sue,

                              Thank you for contacting us. I followed the guide and noticed the interface has been changed. I have updated the article with the correct steps for accessing the “Begin Walkthrough” button.

                              Sorry for any confusion you may have experienced. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

                              Thank you,

                          • I would like to transfer domain from one inmotion hosting account to another inmotion hosting account. When I use domain transfer it says “


                            This domain is already under our management. Please select another domain or contact support using the Need Help button at the top of the page.
                          • If I register a domain name wtih inmotion, who owns it — me or inmotion? Can I move it to another host whenever I want?

                            • Hello Tim,

                              You would own the domain and can transfer it to any other host as you see fit after the first 60 days. The 60 day rule is an ICANN regulation and applies to all domain resellers. Other than that stipulation, you can move it at any time.

                              Kindest Regards,
                              Scott M

                          • How do I transfer my website to your hosting when I have no clue who is hosting my site now and your system says that my domain is locked? I do not speak to the person who did my website and have no idea who is hosting it. It just states powered by WordPress but I don’t know the username or password to enter in and unlock it.

                            • Hello Tracey,

                              You may be able to find out where the site is hosted by checking out the domain name using a WHOIS lookup. You will see the registrar information which tells who is registering the site. This could also be a partner for a reseller however.

                              Also, you should see the name of the nameserver, which could give the host name as well. For example, a site hosted on our servers may have a domain record pointing to Then you would know that InMotion Hosting was most likely hosting the site.

                              However, then you would need to know how to access the account. This could involve knowing the billing information, special passwords, etc. Each host is different, so I would not be able to assist you with that.

                              Kindest Regards,
                              Scott M

                            • Hello elizabeth,

                              Thank you for your question. Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. You should be able to proceed with the transfer, since this guide is on how to transfer a domain you own.

                              If it is not working, please contact Live Support so they can help you initiate the domain transfer.

                              Thank you,

                          • The instructions for transferring a domain away from Melbourne How to unlock your domain name and retrieve your Authorization Code. seem to no longer work. When I click the starting link I am taken to Melbourne’s site ant they ask for my domain name. When I put in the name TI get the following text:

                            The Registry Key for Domain Name “name” was not able to be retrieved. This could be due to the Domain Name being managed by a Melbourne IT Reseller. Please contact your Reseller for assistance.

                            Any ideas?

                            • Hello Graham,

                              At the top of that article you will see an important note that reads:

                              IMPORTANT! If you need to transfer your domain name to another registrar and have not yet contacted our tech support department for assistance, you’ll want to do that first.

                              You will need to follow those instructions first before the main instructions will work. So be sure to contact our Live Support to have them release the domain.

                              Kindest Regards,
                              Scott M

                          • Hah! I just reread and parsed that note a few seconds after submitting the comment. It seems this is a very important step… I submitted a followup support ticket a few minutes ago.

                            • Hello Graham,

                              I understand. It is easy to miss at a glance. I will slate that article for an update and make that step part of the process instead of being up at the top. In any case, once you have the domain name released you will be all set to proceed with Melbourne. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

                              Kindest Regards,
                              Scott M

                            • Please mention how to transfer a domain when I already own the domain. It will not allow me to proceed with the domain transfer as it says the domain is taken. Ahh, yeah…that’s why I wish to transfer the domain to inmotion

                          • I’m confused about the domain transfer. So, I have webhosting with inmotion, but I bought a domain with godaddy. I am using wordpress and did the domain mapping change with godady so I can see the website address without What I don’t understand is that I can see the website, but I never transferred it over to inmotion. Where is it being hosted right now? Help? HOw can I get it to be hosted to inmotion?

                          • I started the walkthrough to transfer a domain. During this process, when it got to the part of verifying that privacy is turned off, I discovered that privacy was still on for my domain at the other hosting service. So, I logged into the other service and turned off privacy, then returned to continue my transfer. I refreshed the page and it started the process over. This required me to enter the domain name again. When I did, it says now that the domain has already been saved for this transfer. And, it won’t let me progress through the process. How do I return to the process to complete it?

                            • Hello Melody,

                              When you return to the transfer page, there should be a link to resume a saved transfer. Click that to continue your domain transfer.

                              Kindest Regards,
                              Scott M

                          • Hello John-Paul.

                            Thanks for your reply. We already have register our domain (at other provider) So, we need to “move” it from our current host to your servers. We ´ll do the DNS delegation pointing to your services. But the main question is: in the middle, we can stay on-line without lost of service? I mean, we can mantain both hosting services, with the content of our current website, and just wait while the change at DNS pointers wll propagated and the users and customers never knows about the change ?

                            By the way : You telling me that we need to buy another “domain register” to host the new one besides we delete one of the two we already have with your services?

                            • To move the site from another host to us, you would simply need to create a new addon domain, move a copy of your site to that domain, then point the DNS over. This way, during propagation there will not be any downtime as users would either be going to the old host or us depending on how long their DNS takes to propagate.

                              If you already own the domain, you will not need to purchase the domain, just point it over.

                            • I am looking to leave your service to another that I have maintained for the past decade. While your service has been fine, I purchased this business from the individual who set this up. I’m looking to move the domain to my own hosting, where I can create a wp set up for this domain name.

                          • I want to know if i can delete one of our current registered domains at inmotion, and then, replace it for another new one, without pay any additional cost.

                            Whe are looking for a hosting change of our active website. We like to move it to your hosting services, and then change dns info at our registrar. But we already have an account with 2 domains set. One of them is useless, so we like to know if we can replace with the new (and current) one, and continue paying the same anual fee.

                          Was this article helpful? Let us know!