Moodle Guides and Resources: Mastering eLearning

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                        Basic Moodle Tasks

                        Get started with Moodle by reviewing these guides that will help you familiarize yourself with the basics of the Moodle platform. 

                        Advanced Moodle Tasks

                        Sometimes you may need to do some heavy-lifting in Moodle. Whether it’s changing the footer image or adding multiple choice questions, you can use these guides to further enhance your Moodle site.?

                        Mastering Moodle Administrator Dashboard

                        When front-end changes aren’t enough, the Moodle Administrator Dashboard offers a variety of tools. These guides will help you get started with the Administrator Dashboard by walking you through some common tasks. 

                        Moodle Plugin Management

                        While Moodle itself boasts a wide array of features, it also offers support for software plugins. To learn how to install these useful applications, please refer to the following resources. 

                        Moodle Troubleshooting

                        Occasionally, you may run into issues with Moodle, ranging from trouble installing software to errors in normal site function. When that happens, use the following guides to help you identify the source of the problem and devise a solution. 

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