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                  Congratulations on your new Reseller Hosting account! We’re sure you’re ready to get started and this product guide will help you along the way.  The Reseller Hosting Product Guide will introduce and teach you about the many great features that come with your account such as a free WHMCS license, dedicated IP addresses, SSL certificates, and managing your websites with cPanel/WHM software.  

                  What is Reseller Hosting?

                  Reseller Hosting is the ability to resell website hosting.  You can sell your services under your own brand and choose your own price.  This can help to enhance web design businesses or other business consulting services where you can provide websites and web hosting services. InMotion Hosting handles all the back-end tasks – server management, hardware/software upgrades, maintenance, etc. –  while you focus on your business.

                  Advanced Resellers

                  If you’re an experienced reseller, you may often run into more advanced tasks when working with website clients. These tasks may involve working with an old hosting service, using SSH, moving an SSL certificate, or working with email for different issues.

                  Using the WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution)

                  Your Reseller account comes with a license to WHMCS.  WHMCS is an application that you can use to manage your online hosting account subscriptions.  This includes both the web hosting subscriptions and the domain registrations that you can sell with your account. Use the following articles to help you use 

                  Working with eNomCentral

                  InMotion Hosting’s reseller accounts also come with the option to add a free eNomCentral account so that you can register many different types of top-level domains.  The articles below are those that were not listed in the basic, advanced, or WHMCS lists from above.

                  Working with a Reseller VPS

                  The Reseller VPS plans include three different configurations that give you the power, flexibility, and control that you may want as a server administrator. If you’re new to using a VPS, check out these articles for help to get you started:

                  Reseller Advantage

                  Looking for a little help in getting your Reseller Hosting business off the ground? You can add Reseller Advantage when you purchase a reseller hosting plan to help jumpstart your business. Reseller Advantage provides the software necessary for you to sell hosting, a domain name, a premium SSL key from Comodo, and a beautiful custom built website from our InMotion Web Design team. For more information, check out these Reseller Advantage articles:

                  Note that cPanel creation is no longer unlimited. For more information, please see cPanel Pricing Changes. You can see the pricing that now applies to cPanel licenses. To learn more about the change, please see our FAQ on cPanel Pricing.

                  Using Softaculous

                  Another tool included with your InMotion Hosting account is the software installation tool called Softaculous.  This tool is invaluable in that it helps provide many application installations that can also be tracked for update and backup purposes.  

                  To learn more about our different Reseller Hosting plans make sure to check out our Resellers Hosting page!

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