Do You Need Softaculous On Your VPS / Dedicated Server?

                  Softaculous Instant Installer allows you to quickly install a list of programs – content management systems (CMS), frameworks, etc. – in cPanel accounts, import manually installed software, set up staging sites, and more.

                  Softaculous is free with Business Shared Hosting.

                  Managed VPS / Dedicated customers can purchase Softaculous in AMP and gain additional features available with Web Host Manager (WHM).

                  But the question for a Managed VPS / Dedicated server administrator is…

                  Do you need Softaculous – yes or no?

                  Yes, If You Want to…

                  No If You…

                  • Don’t want to force newly installed web applications to use SSL (HTTPS) connections
                  • Your cPanel users don’t install new web applications often and are comfortable with SSH, FTP, and manual installations
                  • Don’t host a lot of WordPress websites or need to encourage certain plugins
                  • Use a web analytics program already – Matomo, Google, Mixpanel, etc.
                  • Rarely send mass emails
                  • Don’t have to worry about outdated CMSs
                  • Have a preferred staging system or don’t need the feature
                  • Have a preferred backup setup
                  • Don’t want to pay more for your web hosting setup

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