Getting Started with Grav CMS + Admin Plugin

                  Grav is a databaseless content management system (CMS) that uses Twig templating and Markdown markup language, the same used within Slack and Github. Grav is powerful CMS choice for those wanting less complexity and reduced risk of cross-site scripting.

                  There are three ways to get started with Grav:

                  • Grav + Admin plugin
                  • Skeleton package with plugins, sample pages, and theme for specific purpose
                  • Grav Core Only

                  We recommend the admin package for users to use the GUI to manage Grav. Alternatively, you can install a skeleton package and then the admin plugin in SSH using the command bin/gpm install admin. Without the Admin plugin, you’ll need to edit all raw files using HTML and Markdown. Below we cover how to install Grav + Admin plugin and navigate the admin dashboard.

                  Note: Grav + Admin plugin is also available from Softaculous.

                  Install Navigate Dashboard Navigate Menu

                  Install Grav + Admin Plugin

                  1. Download the Grav Core + Admin plugin package from
                  2. Upload the zip the file to your server.
                  3. Uncompress the file into the public_html directory. We recommend you rename the Grav folder.

                    Note: If you’d prefer Grav to be your primary site, instead of an addon or sub domain, you’ll need to move all Grav files into the root directory, i.e. public_html.

                  4. In your web browser, visit the website URL – e.g.
                  5. Create an admin user. Afterwards, you can login with that URL and /admin at the end.
                    Create Admin user

                    Grav login page

                  6. You’ll be forwarded to the admin dashboard. You can view the website as well.
                    Grav example screenshot

                  Navigate Dashboard

                  On your Grav Admin dashboard, you’ll see the following: Grav Admin dashboard

                  • Click GRAV to access this dashboard from other pages
                  • View your Grav site with the small icon to it’s right
                  • View profile settings with the user name and Gravatar
                    Grav pages section

                  • Clear Cache
                  • Check for Updates
                  • Maintenance: Update and Last Backup status
                  • Page View Statistics
                  • Notifications for the Grav CMS and community
                  • News Feed for Grav blogs
                  • Latest Page Updates from your website.

                  Navigate Menu

                  On the left, you can navigate the following menu options:

                  • Configuration
                    Grav configuration section

                  • Pages
                    Grav pages section

                  • Plugins
                    Grav plugins section

                  • Themes
                    Grav themes section

                  • Tools
                    Grav tools section

                  • Logout

                  After you’re comfotable in Grav, check out additional Grav themes and plugins to enhance your website. Learn more about Grav in our Support Center.

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